About Us
Glorious Manifestation International Ministries is an extended legacy left behind by my late father, Josiah Enemchukwu. He was a pioneer member of the protestant group in the eastern part of Nigeria. Throughout his lifetime he relentlessly fought enemies, causing them to fervently yield to the almighty to battle without compromise. He died for the sake of the gospel after planting some churches.

God gave him a mandate to set the captives free and deliver the oppressed through the word of God. After my bible school training, God gave me the name of the church (GLORIOUS MANIFESTATION MINISTRIES) from the bible, for there are many glories buried that must rise and manifest again.

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Our Vision To evangelise the word and build changes with solid foundations, those who would stand on the truth without compromise, the ministry is a solution ground.
Our Vision
  • To reach the unreached.
  • To show hospitality to the motherless, widows, needy and orphans e.t.c
  • To build strong foundation in families.
  • To train and raise a great generation of praise, to change the face of the earth.